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Trujillo & Trujillo, APC is a full service law firm located in Temecula, CA. Providing services for surrounding counties: Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. The firm was founded by business partners Robert A. Trujillo and Melody A. Trujillo. The goal of both attorney’s is to provide each client with an understanding of the legal system as it pertains to their individual circumstances to help them make informed decisions. Our attorney’s handle issues such as divorce, child custody, restraining orders, financial support for a child or spouse, assault and battery, child abuse, domestic abuse, driving under the influence, personal injury, police brutality, and police misconduct. Robert A. Trujillo and Melody A. Trujillo are both experienced attorney’s who have handled hundreds of cases successfully. Our firms mission is to provide quality and personalized legal representation to each client, adhering to the highest standards of integrity and honesty, and achieving the best outcome.

Meet Attorney

Melody A. Trujillo

Attorney Melody Trujillo is a native of Riverside County and has served the Riverside and surrounding communities as a Family Law litigation attorney since 1992. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and obtained her Juris Doctor Degree from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Attorney Trujillo’s near thirty years as an attorney in a general practice law firm has been focused on the Family Law and Civil Courts in Southern California. She has successfully represented thousands of individuals experiencing the trauma of a divorce. She has stood and effectively argued for her clients in front of hundreds of different Judicial officers regarding disputed custody issues, parental alienation, breaches of fiduciary duty, putative spouse assertions, the characterization of client’s assets as separate or community, income assertions, child support, exceptions to and arguments for spousal support and all related issues.
Attorney Trujillo continues to be equally successful in her personal injury law practice. Her career settlement total is in the millions of dollars for her clients. Each client’s potential case is intensely analyzed for liability (fault), damages (actual injuries suffered; both present and future), recovery expectations (money available from all sources to help the injured), and long-term benefit(s) to each client. Whether the injury is the result of an automobile/motorcycle accident, animal attack or by a violation the clients’ Civil Rights it is Attorney Trujillo’s practice to carefully analyze and then provide methodical representation for each client to take them to a largest recovery as is reasonable and possible. She reminds each client that this area of law is not a race to the bank but a walk together that requires time and attention layers of insurance issues, documentation and dedicated commitment by the attorney and her client.
When asked what she enjoys doing when not in her law firm she is quick to describe her love for spending time with her husband, Frank, her yellow lab, Dually, traveling in their RV; visiting her daughter in Germany (also an Attorney) and that she is eager to return to her training with VKK. She holds a black belt in Ken po Karate and loves the fact that her Sensei, Darryl Vidal, was the martial artist in the original Karate Kid movie who made up the famous front kick! Attorney Trujillo enjoyed her 60th birthday this year and believes that with her age and lifelong experiences she brings more than a law degree to her clients. She provides them with compassion, purposeful direction, and zealous advocacy.

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What People Say

I never thought I’d find myself in a gigantic mess with another person. A couple of years ago I filed for divorce, my spouse at the time, basically did everything in her power to make my life a nightmare during our divorce and continues to even to this day since we share a young child. Before going to Melody, I had a couple of other attorneys I had hired/met with and after being dissatisfied with the progress they were making, I was recommended to Melody by a close friend who had gone through a similar situation. From the moment I met with Melody, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. She cuts no corners, takes no BS, and gets straight down to business. Melody has been my saving grace and has provided me with high-touch, committed service throughout the last couple of years. Her along with her team are not only the reason I’ve remained sane through all of this but the reason I have been able to continue exercising my rights as a father when my ex continuously try’s to strip them away. You won’t regret the service you receive – she genuinely has your best interest.

Corey G.

I highly recommend Melody. She is a great attorney, very knowledgeable, no runaround, will tell you the facts about your case, and probable outcome. She is an amazing person to have in your corner, I wouldn’t have it any other way. She was highly recommended by several people who were in no way connected to each other. Don’t go at it alone, hire the BEST.

Kellen K.

became a client of Melody 7 years ago for my divorce and car accidents. She is AMAZING and the staff are great.  Melody is honest and care about her clients.  She knows her stuff and fight hard for the clients.  I know  that I  am in good hands with Melody. I would highly recommend Melody Trujillo.

Edmee D.